Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Score FREE STUFF

Everyone likes free stuff. It's a fact, right?!

Yeah. I'm not talking about that kind of freebie LOL. Today's post is dedicated to the sites I go to for freebies. Subscribe (on the right side) to receive emails and updates for more posts like this one. Hope you find them useful! 

  1. PINCHme- This site is only based in USA and offers free samples for written reviews. They offer a variety of items once a month (on a Tuesday) and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the short surveys on their website. Basically, as long as you have an account on their website, you can get free stuff once a month. Past samples I have received include free shampoo/conditioner, school supplies, food, lotion, laundry detergent, nail polish, etc.  I honestly feel like a little girl on Christmas morning whenever I receive their boxes. Click here to go onto the site with referral code: 4ZFR7
  2. Maxboost VIPU- The Maxboost program sends out free phone accessories for written Amazon reviews. Click here to sign up. After signing up, they will follow up and ask you approximately once a month if you would like to review a product. Once confirming, Maxboost will proceed to give the gift codes for the particular items so you can go on Amazon to order. The only requirement is to complete an honest & unbiased review on Amazon after testing out your product.Past products received include a $60 Iphone 6 Charging Case, multiple Iphone cases, Iphone glass screen protectors, chargers, etc.
  3. T-Mobile Tuesdays- For all my T-Mobile users, this app gives out free stuff for simply being a T-Mobile customer!! All you have to do is download the T-Mobile Tuesday app & every Tuesday, the app will send rewards to its customers. Past products include a whole free pizza and even free movie tickets!! All completely free for being a T-Mobile Customer, and free to download on IOS or Android.
  4. Freebie Shark- Sign up for Text Alerts on Freebie Shark to be notified about the best free deals. FreebieShark will only send text messages when there is a large free prize. Past products I have received include $5 gift cards, Bath and Body Works products, and a ton of free beauty & food samples. Sign up to receive text messages by clicking here
  5. Influenster- Influenster is a program that sends free samples for reviews. Based on my personal opinion, it is a lot harder to receive free stuff on Influenster because it depends on your social impact as well as if you meet the qualifications to receive the free box. However, when the boxes arrive to your house, they are normally filled with all sorts of goodies from cosmetics to food & drink. A lot of patience is required to receive a box, but they are completely free and are usually from really great brands. My favorite box that I recently received came with free tea, blush powder, shampoo/conditioner, and CANDY.
  6. AMZ Review Trader- This one is more difficult because you have to have an Amazon account (and an amazon PRIME one if you want free shipping). But it's completely worth it. After creating an account as a reviewer, you can "SHOP" for products that are either free or with an extreme discount. Next, press "REVIEW" when you find an item that you like and AMZ Review Trader will proceed to contact the seller to see if they would like you to write a review. After the seller confirms, the site will release the gift code for you to purchase the item. AMZ review trader typically requests that you test the product for a week before writing the review. Past items received include a bikini, chargers, chokers necklaces, selfie stick, waist trainer, lotion, and much more! This one requires more work, but the process is easy, and the freebies are AMAZING.
  7. Snagshout- Similar to AMZ Review trader, snagshout requires you to also create an account, and then search for products online. Once  you find a product that you love, just press "SNAG IT" and they typically will send out the gift code quickly. Use the gift code to purchase the item, and voila- free stuff instantly. Past items received include free teas, oils, and lotions/creams. From my personal perspective, Snagshout is similar to AMZ Review Trader. The main difference is that it offers the gift code a lot faster, but unfortunately does not have a large variety of items.
  8. Skiva Platinum Product- Recently utilized this program and I am IN LOVE.Their products tend to be more expensive and are better quality. All you have to do is sign up, and then you can immediately begin to score free stuff! The main disadvantage is that you can only review a product one at a time (meaning you have to finish the review before requesting another product). But, it's worth the wait. The faster/better your reviews are, the more products you can receive! Past products I received include magnetic holder for Iphone (to use as GPS) as well as a 1m long charger. 
Thanks for Reading!! xx.


  1. Free stuff is always great! thanks for sharing your reviews. It's easier to try when you have a good testimonial to go off of.

  2. Thanks for this list! I hadn't heard of most of these so I'll definitely be checking them out!

  3. I am ALL about free stuff! Thanks for sharing! I will be giving these a try!!

  4. I've been trying to get an influenster box but no luck so far!

    1. I wrote influenster because I've been fortunate enough to get around three boxes so far, but to be completely honest- it seems like I receive a box every six months. Try to connect more of your social media to increase your impact level & fill out as much information as you can on the website. I'm sure you'll get a box soon :) Best of Luck!

  5. I need to check out the tmobile one. I have never heard of that before.

  6. This is great! Definitely have to look into all of these!

  7. This is great! Definitely have to look into all of these!

  8. I've recently started to check out more freebie stuff, and this list is definitely helpful. Thanks!

  9. Hey there Sarina! Kyla from AMZ Review Trader here. Just wanted to say thanks for giving us a shout and I'm glad you're enjoying! :)