Saturday, September 3, 2016

Organize Your Life with a FREE Planner + GIVEAWAY

When I was at community college, I worked three jobs, competed on the forensics team (speech and debate), and was a full-time student. It was complete chaos- but I managed to maintain my grades at the same time. And now that I'm at UCLA, I have a TON of people constantly asking me how I managed to juggle all those extracurricular activities. The answer? Get a PLANNER. I personally cannot stress how important it is to utilize a planner. And after sorting through dozens of planners, I finally found one that I believe is the best planner on the market. It's called the PASSION PLANNER.  (I literally had a fangirl moment in Barnes & Noble when I found out that my good friend Joshua also loved these planners).

*cue oohs and ahhs*
I'm absolutely in love with this planner. I love how it has a faux-black leather cover and I especially love how it's vegan friendly. I'm also a huge fan of how it comes in a variety of different shapes and colors. AND I LOVE how the CEO of this company came from the same college- UCLA! But the best part about this planner is their Get One, Give One program. Now, for every planner you buy, they give one to non-profit organizations around the country. The Passion Planner organization is all about paying it forward to help others - which makes it a company I love working with. 

Don't pay attention to my terrible artistic skills.
Upon opening the calendar, you are shown a monthly calendar to organize what you want to do. But because I happened to be at Taiwan during this time, my planner just consists of my random doodling. Regardless, this page has boxes for you to organize this month's focus, people to see, places to go, personal projects, and work projects. Mapping out your month in advance helps you focus on what you want to accomplish and what upcoming events there are to prepare for. 

My first week at UCLA
Flip a few pages over, and you are shown a WEEK'S worth of planning. Each day starts at 6:00 am and ends at 10:30 pm (but if you are a night owl, you are able to download more pages online). Every morning, I like to sit and plan out my whole day in advance. By doing so, it prevents me from spending my entire day binge-watching television. And even though this process seems like a hassle- it honestly works wonders in ensuring I no longer procrastinate. Though school planners work well, but I find myself just going back to dated planners. By following my daily schedule, I found myself procrastinating less, getting rid of my social media addiction, and being more productive. I cannot stress how much scheduling and organizing my planner has helped me academically. 

Extra features in the planner also include quotations every week to motivate you, and a "space of infinite possibility box" for you to write or draw whatever you want. But, my favorite feature is the side box that reads, "Good Things that Happened". Research shows that writing down grateful thoughts leads to positive health benefits and an overall HAPPIER life- and I absolutely love reflecting on all the blessings that have happened in my life each day.

After each month, the planner has a page dedicated for monthly reflections. It asks questions such as, "What were the three biggest lessons you learned this month?" "What or who are you especially thankful for this past month?" "Name three things you can improve this upcoming month", etc. Writing and pondering about your past/future is not only relaxing for me, but allows me to focus on my end goal & future career. At first, I found this step to be tedious. But once I started writing, I began to find this process to really be therapeutic in accomplishing what I want to do. By writing out your goals, you're more likely to ACCOMPLISH them! 

This planner has been such a life-changer for me and has really allowed me to not only organize my life, but focus on what I want to do. Thus, I am so EXCITED and grateful to collaborate with Passion Planner to offer this giveaway to my readers! I am giving away the compact academic planner that costs approximately $25. This giveaway ends September 25 - so I have enough time to ship out this planner before the month of October. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is SUBSCRIBE to my blog ( there are pop-up boxes for you to enter your email) and that's it!

Currently, the small planner retails for $25, while the large one costs $30. However, the company truly believes in their Passion Planner & knows that this is a product that could really help a lot of people. After all, the CEO of the company herself used her personal planner to pull herself out of the depressive state she was originally in. Thus, they give free full PDF downloads which you can find here. Simply download & print the pages, and stick them into your binder to go! If you're interested in purchasing these planners, they can be found here

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Remember to enter the giveaway that ends on September 25.
Best of Luck